Why women should lift heavy weights.

Why women should lift heavy weights.

Most women today still believe the myth that they will look like ‘The Incredible Hulk’ if they lift weights heavier then 10lbs.  I’m here to tell you that if your goal is fat loss then you need to ditch the high rep, light weight workouts you have been performing.


If your workout calls for reps of 30 or more you are setting yourself up for a very different hormonal response than if you were to lift heavier weights. You’re essentially training for endurance by doing endless reps with light weights. This causes your body to increase the stress hormone cortisol and epinephrine, but it does not release the fat burning hormones like GH, testosterone and lactic acid which is a chemical messenger in the fat burning process. Performing these types of workouts day after day does nothing for muscle building and actually strips muscle from your body. If you’re not challenging your muscles you are not giving them a reason to grow.


If you really want to accelerate your fat loss you must challenge your muscles, lift heavy, move quickly from movement to movement and do more in less time. If you are performing a movement that calls for 10 reps, you need to choose a weight that causes you to hit muscle failure by rep 10. Choose compound movements for upper and lower muscle groups and perform them in a circuit like fashion. Take no more the 60 seconds between sets and train for no more than 40 minutes, this time would include your warm-up at the beginning. Be sure to mix up the movements, reps, etc. every few weeks to continue to challenge your body and avoid muscle adaption.


Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and dispel some of the myths that are out there. Women are just as capable as men to get in the gym and crank it out.  Remember , if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


Brandon Jenkins

Born Again Fitness.Com

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I specialize in weight loss, for those who need to lose weight. I focus on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the individual. I hold nationally accredited certifications by NASM in personal training and by the IFPA in bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Please call me at 514-8384 to get started on your journey of weight loss or visit http://www.bornagainfitness.com

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  1. This concept finally clicked and now makes sense. Thank you for explaining the importance of lifting heavy weights in laymen terms!

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