10 things to avoid

10 things to avoid


Be Realistic with Fitness
The desire to lose weight, look better and get fit, can grip men in frenzy of activity. Paying out for expensive equipment only to watch it gather dust because motivation has slipped is all too familiar. To avoid expensive failures don’t set high targets and make grand plans.

Wrap fitness into your routines
Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Where possible walk to pass on a message rather than sending an email. Reconsider labor-saving devices and go for manual instead of automated.

Buy a Pedometer
You don’t need to broadcast the fact that your fitness program has begun but you might consider buying a pedometer as a simple investment. Depending on the type you opt for this can provide you with feedback as to how much you are moving and even give a rudimentary idea of how many calories you are using up.

Involve others in your fitness plan
You may not be in a position to involve others but motivation is helped if you are part of a group or team. In a family setting, for example, you might want to consider buying everyone a pedometer.

Get Twitchy!
How do you sit? If you’re someone who sits down and goes completely still for hours on end you are in self-defeating mode. People who sit and do hobbies burn up more energy (even modest amounts) than someone who does nothing. Even consciously moving your legs around or bouncing about to music is better than doing absolutely nothing.

Take an action audit
Many people have unrealistic beliefs about how much they really move around. Take a record of your activity levels over a week (be honest or what’s the point) and you might surprise yourself.

Increase activity levels
You could sit around for all your lunch break or you could move around. Feelings of fatigue are often the reasons why men don’t move around yet inactivity is the worst culprit for making you feel like doing even less. It may take a little effort to begin with but all you need to do is start.

Link activity to something you Like
Inactive people often find formal exercise boring and without much purpose. Break into this by linking movement with a positive outcome. I like getting home after a day at work so I might sometimes walk; I don’t do it all the time but its one of my options. I like a newspaper so instead of having it delivered I go out and get it.

Take a break
By this I mean an activity break. It can be a great way of trying out new ideas and can help kick-start fitness or just revitalize you.

Put that burger down!
Don’t use increased activity as an excuse to top up on sweet stuff or fast-foods. You won’t fade away as a result of increased movement but you may find that your system responds to increased exercise. Feeling that your appetite is increasing is a positive outcome and you should respond by eating what your body (not your head) is looking for. Drink water or fruit juice rather than more coffee or fizzy drinks, take more fruit and vegetables on board, experiment with good foods you may have previously overlooked or never even thought about. It’s not hard or complex and it will support all your other efforts.


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