Commit to get fit TODAY! Personal Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

Commit to get fit TODAY! Personal Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

by Born Again Fitness Personal Training & Weight Loss on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at 10:14am

Here’s how it works. Find a  friend, or friends and sign up taking advantage of my buddy discount.

I will customize a fitness and nutrition program that meets all your needs.

You commit to your health and I commit to providing you with all that you will need to be successful.

Working together as a TEAM we can make it happen.




This program is available for both remote and local clients.


What’s Included:

  • Fitness and nutrition evaluation
    • Discuss goals
    • Weigh and measure
    • Fitness assessment
    • Individualized fitness program
      • Train for a 5k/10k or longer distance
      • Workout as a group together in park
      • Workout as a group together in the gym
      • Start a walking program in your neighborhood
      • Nutrition program
        • Lose weight or just tweak your nutrition
        • Online program available
        • Eat what you want, or I’ll generate a month of customizable menus for you based on your favorite foods
        • Shopping lists, nutrition information, and accountability
        • Buddy website
          • Links to resources
            • Monthly personal or phone contact to evaluate your progress
            • Trainer led workouts
            • Go to to sign up or inquire about these services.


About Born Again Fitness.Com

I specialize in weight loss, for those who need to lose weight. I focus on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the individual. I hold nationally accredited certifications by NASM in personal training and by the IFPA in bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Please call me at 514-8384 to get started on your journey of weight loss or visit

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