10 Good Reasons To Get Motivated

If staying in shape were easy, it wouldn’t be called “working out” when we exercise.  That “work” part is tough because we already have so much to do in our hectic lives, we often don’t want to put the tough effort it takes to stay in shape.  So today I thought I’d share with you 10 good reasons to keep yourself motivated and working hard when you exercise!


1.)    When your body is fit, your confidence is generally sky high!

2.)    If you are feeling stressed out, nothing relieves stress quite like taking your frustrations out on exercise.

3.)    Look better naked! Let’s face it, we are all generally our own worst critics and if we feel comfortable in our own skin we will be more comfortable with everything else!

4.)    Better sex.  Tying into #3, when we look better naked, we have more confidence in our abilities.

5.)    There are 168 hours in the week, workout hard for 3 of them and feel the benefit for the other 165 hours!

6.)    Set goals and then meet them! Nothing feels better than reaching that long time goal, whether it is to lose 20 lbs or to be able to squat 300 lbs.  Setting goals will help keep you on track as well!

7.)    Live life the way you want to!  Your fitness level should never dictate what you can or can’t do!  If you work hard, then you can do anything you set your mind to!

8.)    Exercise keeps you young!  I’ve seen 30 year olds who look like they’re 60 because they don’t take care of themselves.  Conversely, I’ve seen people in their 60s who look like they are in their 30s because they constantly are challenging their bodies!

9.)    Exercise makes you happier!  When do you feel better, 30 minutes after a good workout or 30 minutes after you eat a whole box of donuts?

10.) When you look and feel your best, you are at your best!  Never settle for what you have now, aim high!


About Born Again Fitness.Com

I specialize in weight loss, for those who need to lose weight. I focus on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the individual. I hold nationally accredited certifications by NASM in personal training and by the IFPA in bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Please call me at 514-8384 to get started on your journey of weight loss or visit http://www.bornagainfitness.com

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  1. Hey, thanks for this. I forget how easy it is to fall out of my exercise routine. Are you still going to run your boot camps? I love your newsletter 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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