Crazy new workout

Go through the circuit ONCE resting as little as possible between exercises.

Y-Squat – 15 reps
Plank to Pushup – 5 reps per side
Chin-Up with Knee-up or Hanging Knee-up – 10 reps
Side Plank Leg Raise – 10 reps per side
Stability Ball Jackknife – 25 reps
[Beginner] Inverted Row – 20 reps
Grasshopper Pushup – 10 reps per side
1-Leg Deadlift – 15 reps per side
Hanging Knee-up – 10 reps
Stability Ball Rollout – 10 reps
Close-grip Pushup – 20 reps
Forward Lunge – 20 reps per side
Underhand Inverted Row – 20 reps
X-body Mountain Climber – 10 reps per side
Stability Ball Jackknife Plank – 30 second hold
Spiderman Climb – 10 reps per side
Chop – 15 reps per side
Split Squat – 15 reps per side
Prone Stick-up – 10 reps
Spiderman Pushup – 10 reps per side
Burpees – 10 reps

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I specialize in weight loss, for those who need to lose weight. I focus on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the individual. I hold nationally accredited certifications by NASM in personal training and by the IFPA in bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Please call me at 514-8384 to get started on your journey of weight loss or visit

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  1. This looks like a great work out to give a go. Only thing is, I don’t know half of the terms. Is there a reference with pictures somewhere that shows the different exercises? Would love to give it a go!



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