my day

Today was a great day! Started out at 6:00 am training a client who is 63, but can out-perform people half her age. She is great and inspirational. I am reminded every day of how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love. I hope that people really understand just how important their health is and not take it for granted. I am looking forward to my 8 week body transformation challenge! It starts in a few days and a lot of people are going to get healthy and change their lives.

About Born Again Fitness.Com

I specialize in weight loss, for those who need to lose weight. I focus on the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the individual. I hold nationally accredited certifications by NASM in personal training and by the IFPA in bodybuilding and sports nutrition. Please call me at 514-8384 to get started on your journey of weight loss or visit

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  1. Hey Brandon..I like your blog and the glimpse you give into your day..I have learned alot from your newsletters you send out and plan on joining your morning bootcamp class..see ya’ soon!

  2. How can I get your 63 year old clients energy?? lol…seriously, I like your blog and look forward to more…blessings to you.

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